UNBOUND is a professional contemporary-jazz company. We are a group of dancers that have come together from many different dance backgrounds to form an athletic, exciting, fearless dance company that will leave audience members enjoying dance again.

Our Mission: UNBOUND is a new way of moving with no boundaries, raw, undefined, athletic, meaningful, literal, passionate. It gives dancers the artistic freedom to express themselves through movement without feeling constrained to any specific genre of dance. We live and breathe dancing- that is what we are made of. We are all different sizes and shapes, we all move differently, but come together to present our feelings through movement. We are unbound by definition, we have no limits, we are daring. Our souls are fearless. We don’t see ourselves just as dancers, but as catalysts for our passion, for life, through dance. We are ordinary people who love something so much that we are willing to reveal our inner most feelings to inspire others to do the same. We want our audience to leave us wanting to live stronger, love harder and desire a better existence. Why do we so infrequently not want to be the people or artists we are, but so frequently strive to be something we are not? This question is what drives us, confuses us, and inspires us. We seek the answer through UNBOUND.