Hi dancing friends,
Caroline and I are so glad that you are considering taking part in the Unbound Winter Intensive.
We are very excited that we can offer such a wonderful opportunity to so many dancers. The dates of
the intensive are December 15th and 16th . All our classes will be held in the beautiful dance facility of the
Columbia Music Festival Association. Classes begin Saturday morning at 8:30 and will go until 5pm with
an hour break for lunch. Your dancer(s) will have classes in Contemporary, Jazz, Musical Theater and
Ballet. There are two levels in which to place your dancer. If we find that your dancer needs to move up
or down in level, after they have attended classes, that is no problem at all. We want every dancer to
feel like they are being pushed and learning something. Age groups for the rooms are as follows Senior
room is age 12 and up, Junior room is age 11 and under. The cost is $220.00 per dancer and registration
is now open. Please register here or  email to with the registration form to hold your spot.
If you would like to pay for just one day the cost is $100.00; a single class is $30.00. For every 10 dancers
registered you will get a 20% discount as well!
Now that I have told you the basics, I would like to take a moment to tell you why Caroline and I
know in our hearts that this intensive is a wonderful investment in your dancer’s future. Unbound has
one rule, LOVE YOURSELF. The reason we founded Unbound Dance Company to begin with, was to
make sure ALL types of dancers were represented. We wanted every style of dancer, every color, and
every body type to be celebrated for what THEY brought to the table. We uplift dancers, we inspire
dancers, we celebrate differences and we praise each dancer for who they are. We push dancers to
transform into the dancer they know they can be with encouragement, love and lots of cheering! Our
wonderful faculty members were chosen for their innate ability to bring dancers out of their comfort
zone with positive motivation and love. All the women taking part in this intensive know what it is like
for a young dancer, and we all know how to connect to dancers and give them the confidence they need
to succeed.
Our faculty consists of the following master teachers; Caroline Lewis-Jones, Tara Nicole Huges,
Marcea Lane, and Susan Dabney Hancock. We know we have so much to offer your dancer(s) and we
really hope that you join us for this fantastic intensive. I am also attaching a list of local hotels and
restaurants in the area, for those of you who may be traveling from out of town. If you have any other
questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. We hope to see you soon!
Susan Dabney Hancock
Caroline Lewis-Jones